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The army officers are very proud of the Army challenge coins that are given to them as an identity confirmation or as medallions for any thing brave that they have done for their unit, country or the public. It is some thing to be proud of and these coins are made with a lot of efforts and given to the special officers for any special deed. The military challenge coins are some thing extra special for all those people who know how hard it is to earn an extra challenge coin through out their career. It is a big blessing and very big thing for all those who manage to do some thing extra ordinary during their career.

Most of the army officers who are able to manage a few of these challenge coins during their career for what efforts they have made are very proud of their coins. They get special things made for the coins in which they can keep their coins and the coins can be seen by the people around them. Special oak wood carriers or glass plates that can hold the coins can be hung from the roof in such a way that both the sides of the coins can be viewed.

Most of the coins are dated and a bit of detail is given about the incident that occurred and the officer receiving the coin did something good which proved his bravery and for it he was awarded the challenge coin. The challenge coins are made with much effort as special designs are made and then the copy rights are reserved. The mint that mints the coins is expert in what it does and knows that all those people who know about the

Army challenge coins are very unique and very person cannot own. They can be passed on into generations from the retired army officers but they cannot be minted by just any one as they are very precious and sacred.

The challenge coins are made in many different metals which include the common metals like the brass and nickel and the heavy and expensive ones like gold, silver or platinum. The coins are accepted in their original shape if the shape of the coin is tried to be altered in any way, even if a hole is tried to be punched in it to pass a ribbon to tie it around the neck the coins looses its authenticity. The coins are not just used to reward a person but the history of the actual challenge coin goes back to the fact that these coins are actually a way to protect the officers in case of any kind of emergency. The coins are challenged by the senior officers at any odd timing even during non duty hours to check if the officer has his coin with him or not.

The usual challenge coins of the army have the logos of each unit on their respective coin on one side and on the other side the motto of the unit are unscripted. All the unit officers are given the challenge coins in the beginning of their career and these challenge coins are to be returned to the unit in case of not being found when challenged. It is a kind of punishment for the officer to remain without his coin if he doesn’t feel the need of it.